New Czech 3D printer Digibro 3D SkeletonX made of quality materials and components designed for domestic and industrial use. Suitable for rapid prototyping, serial production and home printing.

Basically, the printer is equipped with 2 independent heads with high-temperature hotends for printing at temperatures up to 500 ° C.


Faster than toolchange and more reliable than multimaterial - IDEX - 2 independent extruders

The SkeletonX printer is already equipped with 2 independent extruders. You can print 2 colors, 2 materials, with water-soluble supports at once without the need to change filaments during printing. The printer can also be operated in duplication and mirroring mode.


Printing area 500x500x600mm

With the passage of time and the market already flooded with 3D printers of today's common size, we knew that it was necessary to go further - to print larger dimensions and that is why there is SkeletonX with a large printing area of ​​500x500x600mm!


Robust bent and welded frame with high torsional rigidity and stability

Our printers are designed to achieve the highest possible print quality. The double Y-axis drive improves the stability and repeatability of movements. The platform stands on a robust bent and welded frame, which offers endless possibilities for further improvement and expansion of functionality (laser, CNC).

Z axes are equipped with 20mm guide rods and 16mm trapezoidal screws. This solution has proved its worth with more precise guidance, especially compared to linear guidance of cheaper designs. The Z-axis is prepared for the demanding in the frame for the eventual replacement of the guide bars with supported guide bars or a linear guide.

12mm carbon rods are mounted on the X axes. Y axes are equipped with 12mm guide rods. In our demanding tests, these bars proved to be strong enough and it was not necessary to use a larger diameter. The X and Y axes are also prepared for the demanding in the frame for possible replacement of the guide rods with supported guide rods or linear drives.


SkeletonX has three independently controlled Z axes

Thanks to this, it is possible to physically align the pad and thus minimize artifacts arising on the prints during the mesh bed leveling process. The 3 NEMA 23 motors ensure that even heavier prints move linearly across the entire height.


RAPTOR hotend

We are pleased that, thanks to the cooperation with Protoprint, the manufacturer of RAPTOR hotends, we can install these hotends in the basic set of our printer. In this way, we have moved the print quality to a completely different level and enabled you, our current and future customers to print from premium materials without additional surcharges and upgrades. The only upgrade to further improve printing by stabilizing the temperature in the printer is to oxidize the printer and a water-cooled hotend.


RAPTOR nozzle

This nozzle is replaceable or spare for RAPTOR hotends. It is a completely precise and precise nozzle made of copper, which is then provided with special surface treatments to achieve maximum quality. As a final manufacturing step, an ultra-thin wall thickness tube and a secondary cooling part are integrated on the nozzle. This is a unique design of RAPTOR nozzles protected by a patent.

After production, the copper nozzles are carefully inspected and taken to further processing in the form of an industrial nickel-plating bath, where the pores of the material are closed. As a final step, a DLC coating is applied in a special environment which guarantees perfect slip, easy maintenance and prolongs the life of the component.

The production process is carried out from the beginning to the end in the Czech Republic and each phase takes place in a different production or industrial plant due to the complexity of processes and surface applications. The result is first-class quality.

End of material leakage, special surface

Unique nozzle with integrated heat break

The whole nozzle consists of a copper part (the nozzle itself), a very thin stainless steel alloy tube with a thickness of ~ 0.15 mm (as a thermal bridge) and a perfectly thermally conductive aluminum. This combination significantly (more than 3x than typical threaded heatbreaks) reduces heat transfer to the cooler and at the same time prevents material leakage. Patent pending!

The surface coating guarantees excellent abrasion resistance and excellent lubricity. Melt zone is one continuous unit with a length of 13.5 mm!

Significant reduction of maintenance time and safety

Super fast and easy maintenance. Cold.

Maintenance has never been easier! Now you can easily remove the nozzle without preheating the entire Hotend! Replace in seconds at room temperature without risk of burns.

Thanks to the sliding coating, you will remove dissolved and baked-on material residues on the nozzle within a few seconds. Easy, fast and secure.


Auto bed leveling

The SkeletonX printer is equipped with a PINDA inductive sensor for aligning the printing pad and, thanks to the independent Z axes, performs a real alignment of the bed into the plane.


Automatic calibration of X and Y axis oscillations

Using the built-in accelerometer, the printer measures the frequency of the X and Y axis oscillations and adjusts the settings accordingly to eliminate artifacts caused by vibrations.


Removable magnetic printing plate with PEI surface

Thanks to the removable magnetic printing plate with a PEI surface, you can easily remove even larger print without the use of a spatula. The advantage is that neither the printing plate nor the printout is damaged.

One side of the platen is smooth, the other side is grainy.


Heating of the printing surface 1500W

The printing pad has a heater with a maximum input of 1500W. Thanks to this, such a large area heats up fast enough to 120 ° C for ASA, NYLON printing, and maintaining a higher temperature is not a problem under normal conditions, even in the uncovered version.


Emergency stop button

We have equipped SkeletonX with an emergency stop button to control the power supply, or in case it is necessary to disconnect the printer's power supply.


Printer enclosure

To increase the thermal stability during printing, you can cover the printer, then you can print from ABS, ASA, NYLON materials without worrying about reducing the quality of the print or damaging it due to drafts.

Enclosure can be ordered directly with the printer or purchased separately.


USB and network printing

SD cards are simply a thing of the past, so SkeletonX prints from files uploaded via a web browser or from a USB flash drive. No more complicated uploading of gcode files or dependence on PC.


Wifi - control and monitoring from the network

Thanks to the wifi connection, you can control and monitor the printer from a PC or mobile phone


32bit control board with TMC5160 drivers

Thanks to this combination, the stepper motors are precisely controlled to achieve the highest possible print quality.


Open source FW Klipper

SkeletonX runs on open source FW Klipper - thanks to this you can make upgrades and changes yourself, you are not dependent only on our products and improvements. The configuration file is available from a PC and a mobile phone, any necessary changes are made in a few moments without complicated compilation and playback of the printer firmware.


The SkeletonX printer is available as a complete assembled and tested printer.

Both extruders are equipped with 0.6mm nozzles (if you are interested in 0.4mm or a combination of 0.4mm and 0.6mm, please state this in the order note).


Average printer power consumption when printing:

PLA 320W (60 °C)
PET 430W (80 °C)


The delivery includes:

completely assembled and tested 3D printer
magnetic printing plate with PEI surface (one side smooth, the other grainy)
power cable 1.8m
1x 2.3kg filament PLA or PETG


Optional accessories:

Samsung tablet
spare nozzles 0.4mm, 0.6mm and 0.8mm (available approx. in August)
magnetic printing plate with PEI surface (one side smooth, the other grainy)
covering the printer
water cooling hotend


Price of a complete printer 159,990 CZK incl. VAT.


From 15.9.2021, due to the growth of prices in general, the price of the SkeletonX printer will increase to 159.990 CZK incl. VAT and enclosure for 32.990 CZK incl. VAT. The price of other accessories will increase by about 7%.


The current delivery time is about 9-11 weeks, so do not hesitate to order - the sooner you order, the sooner you print.

If you are interested in a personal inspection of the printer or you want to see how it prints, it is best to contact us by phone to arrange an appointment.


The printer can be picked up from us, incl. operator training or deliver to you. Within the Czech Republic, our technician, incl. operator training, we ship within the EU and around the world.


Order the printer in our e-shop here ( .



Dne 18.7.2021 jsme se zúčastnili Maker Faire Chemnitz, kde jste mohli naživo naší tiskárnu vidět a vyzkoušet. Jako novinka zde byla i zakrytovaná verze. Děkujeme za návštěvu!




On June 12-13, 2021, we participated in Maker Faire in Pilsen, where you could see and try our printer live. Thank you for visiting!


Here print photos - PET material and water-soluble BVOH support